Our Story

“..to promote interest in Culture, People, and Surfing at The University of Arizona, provide fellowship among students and faculty, represent student needs and wants in regard to surfing, and create a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.”

The Arizona Surfers is a group of students, faculty, staff of The University of Arizona and residents of Arizona who surf, have an interest in surfing, want to learn to surf, or be affiliated with surfers.

The Arizona Surfers was created as a means to help students who experience surfing withdrawals. By creating a network of local surfers on or around campus, members are able to connect with others who are experiencing similar surf-sickness to overcome the separation from the coast. This is done both by local social events and by providing individuals with the opportunity to surf while residing in Arizona by planning and executing trips to the coast to surf. Further, the club aims to expose new individuals to surfing, to share surfing with others and provide them with the opportunity to experience what they otherwise would not have the opportunity.

The Arizona Surfers Athletics Cactus Logo in Black and White

We were first recognized by The University of Arizona as an official student club in April of 2004. Since then we have been growing our membership and recognition on campus and throughout the country. We have provided students with opportunities to surf throughout California and around the globe.

In Tucson we provide a network for surfers to build a community on campus through various activities including our intramural sports team, hiking in the Coronado National Forrest, and club social events. In the past, we have worked to expose new individuals to surfing through collaboration with other Arizona clubs like The Arizona Sandcats, The Marine Awareness and Conservation Society, The Arizona Academic Hammock Society, Campus Recreation’s Outdoor Adventure, ASUA, and CSIL. We have hosted free films in our campus’ Gallagher Theater and have been featured in The Daily Wildcat, The Desert Yearbook, Red and Blue Magazine, and local news and periodicals.

The Arizona Surfers circle logo from 2009

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